The research group Marine Biobased Specialties (MBBS) focuses on seeking, isolating, identifying and valorising chemical compounds from marine environments. Although oceans and seas cover more than 70% of the earth’s surface, many marine organisms have yet to be investigated.

The research group MBBS (led by Associate Lector Tanja Moerdijk) comprises lecturers/researchers with broad, in-depth research backgrounds in Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry. The research group is based in Vlissingen, at HZ University of Applied Sciences, and has a designated laboratory with the requisite equipment. The team carries out practice-based research together with companies both within the Netherlands and around the world, as well as research institutions and students.

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Some of these marine organisms can produce high-grade biologically active compounds. The search for these bioactive substances is termed ‘bioprospecting’. In marine bioprospecting, systematic category analysis is carried out on samples of sea life that are collected to evaluate whether they contain commercially viable products.  

The field of marine bioprospecting is still virgin territory; this research group is committed to utilising any promising compounds from the marine environment for the Biobased Economy. Zeeland is traditionally a region with close connections with the sea, making it an attractive option for development in terms of a marine biobased industry. The research group can be a significant facilitator in this process.

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