Before actual structures can emerge, it is necessary to experiment, develop and prototype. The space at SPARK Makers Zone is used by the lectorate Biobased Building as a place for structures such as the biobased reflection house but also the biobased bridge was built here. SPARK Makers Zone is a place where the students and researchers can use the various workshops, machines and associated technologies. They offer students a hybrid learning environment where they are introduced to the skills of the future. Why is a place like this so important to the lectorate?

Jasper Sluis, researcher at the lectorate Biobased Building: “SPARK has a large network of companies besides all the facilities and daily tours and presentations are given. In this way, new companies are taken along in the work of our Biobased Building Greeding Ground on a daily basis. In this way, there is automatic dissemination of biobased building knowledge. Which is very valuable!”

In the schoolyard in Vlissingen, a pavilion measuring three by three by three meters was built at the end of June. It has been made circular, consists of biobased materials and has a green roof. In addition, panels have been placed on the inside to show what possibilities biobased products have. Students from HZ Green Office and first-year architecture students Sanne Jenster and Coerd van Helden collaborated in devising the structure and designing components. The pair made all parts in the SPARK Makers Zone in Den Bosch, so that on the schoolyard everything only had to be put together. Phoebus Panigyrakis and his fellow researcher and project leader Jasper Sluis hope to continue the project with the pavilion. “This is made for and by students and therefore fits in with the idea of bringing education and research together. The students learn a lot from this. Moreover, they are actually realizing something. That’s what makes it so beautiful,” says Sluis.

How did we get to where we are today? The Biobased Building lectorate once started at SPARK Makerzone with the construction of the Biobased Bridge. This project was so successful that more and more structures built in the greeding ground at SPARK were added. Jasper Sluis: “The great thing about the construction of the biobased bridge was that it was done together with vmbo, mbo, hbo, university and technasium. There was so much energy in this project. Building together at full scale with students and companies, it tasted like more. That is why we want to continue this and weave it into the biobased construction site at Avans Den Bosch. ” The space at SPARK Makers Zone is used by the Biobased Building lectorate as an greeding ground for biobased construction. The biobased bridge was placed over the Dommel River in Eindhoven in 2019. Follow-up research is currently being conducted in the project Smart Circular Bridge.

Would you like to know more about the projects, have your own ideas for projects or are you curious about the facilities? Then please contact Jasper Sluis.


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