CoE BBE becomes MNEXT

The materials and energy transition is a major challenge, but we are optimistic about the future. We see and seize opportunities to accelerate. Together!

MNEXT, along with the SMEs, forms the bridge between innovation and society. By conducting practice-oriented research with students, teachers, and researchers. By collaborating on educational innovation. This is how we set the materials and energy transition in motion. For a sustainable future.

CoE BBE becomes MNEXT

We are expanding our focus from solely biobased to multiple themes within the materials and energy transition. And that calls for a new name… MNEXT!

05 July 2023
Educate more professionals for the energy transition
A new border region project that will recruit, train, retrain and upskill young people and adults for professions to enable energy transition has started. For the next three years, Avans University of Applied Sciences will be the secretary of the Energy(k) Education project, which is being implemented from the Interreg programme Flanders Netherlands with a grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In the project, 18 educational institutions, governments, a regional career fund, a regional intermediary and a business organisation from the south of the Netherlands and Flanders are working together. The project came about last year through intensive cooperation between the project partners and Promint project management and has a size of €4,200,000.
03 July 2023
30% energy gain for water board Brabantse Delta
In a unique partnership between the Smart Energy research group, Avans students and water board Brabantse Delta, innovative research is being carried out. The aim is to save energy, better balance the electricity and sewerage networks, optimise processes and gather knowledge. The students, coming from different disciplines, actively cooperate with enthusiastic supervisors from the water board and under the guidance of Jobert Ludlage. He is a lecturer-researcher within the Smart Energy research group and watches how the students devise and implement new solutions. This collaboration offers valuable benefits and insights to the students, the research group and the water board.
03 July 2023
Valuable Smart Energy Lab Training certificate for RWE employees
A new group of RWE employees successfully completed the Smart Energy lab training at Avans Hogeschool . They now have even more knowledge of the behaviour of our electricity system during the energy transition. Indeed, Lucas-Nülle Training Systems provides a clear picture of the contribution of solar and wind to our electricity supply and the effect of further electrification. Now that's some knowledge you can use if you want to accelerate the energytransition right now!

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