How do you develop a sustainable business case or policy for your organization in the transition to a bio-based and circular economy?
Do you want to guide companies or governments in the transition to a bio-based and circular economy? Do you want to help shape bio-based and circular, innovative value chains and valorise them socially and economically? Have you been commissioned to develop a sustainable business case for bio-based and circular solutions for current consumption and production systems, but you do not know how to approach this?

Publication date
18 February 2019
Research area

The Environmental Economics research group at UHasselt developed this unique postgraduate degree together with 14 partners from Flanders and the Netherlands (including Avans Hogeschool). Three modules guide you through your search for a sustainable business case for a bio-based and circular economy.


In the module “Bio-based and circular value chains” you will learn everything about the latest trends in the production and application possibilities of bio-based and circular technologies. In the module “Systems and sustainability thinking” you will be immersed in the basic principles of the most common methodologies for sustainability analysis such as life cycle analysis (LCA). In the module “Business case bio-based and circular economy” you will draw up a circular business model yourself, you will learn to pitch your ideas for capital providers and you will learn how to deal with other stakeholders such as government and consumers. Even if you work for a government, you will learn how to design policy to stimulate sustainable business models.

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Guidance by a strong network

You will join a unique network of experts, companies and policymakers in the circular and bio-based economy, such as VITO, Center of Expertise Biobased Economy, and so on. You will not only receive lessons from researchers and professors, but also experts from the field. These experts guide you during the development of your business case, but can also put you in touch with crucial players to get your idea off the ground.
Within the postgraduate degree, there is also collaboration with various companies.

Profitable investment

No factual knowledge or facts, no exams. Your investment in the postgraduate degree is by definition profitable, because your evaluation stands or falls with the quality of your business case or policy proposal. Your work environment is the subject of your study, i.e. you are allowed to carry out your study assignments within the context of your work environment. Even if your employer finances the training, the hands-on approach means a win-win for employer and employee.


This postgraduate degree is the result of a collaboration of 14 partners within the Interreg project “Borderless Biobased Education”. It is made possible in part thanks to the financial support of Interreg Flanders-Netherlands and the provinces of Limburg, Antwerp, East Flanders, North Brabant and South Holland.

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