Development and application of bio-based dyes in collaboration with Intermediate Vocational Education (MBO) and Higher Professional Education (HBO) institutes and SMEs

Dyes for non-food applications have a fossil origin and, furthermore, their production and processing impacts the environment. Companies are increasingly committed to making their products greener and more sustainable but do not have the knowledge, equipment or time to develop bio-based dyes and test them in applications. The Colour Application Centre (KLAC) is the solution.

Project manager
Research area
March 2021 to March 2022

The materials, production methods and skills required to develop new bio-based dye applications, such as paint machines, colour measurement and ISO determinations, are all available at the KLAC.

The KLAC can also be your location for, and/or partner in, the search for new bio-based dyes from waste streams, plants or microorganisms. A wide variety of technologies are available, including extraction, purification and purity determination.

What do we do at the KLAC?

  • Develop new applications using bio-based dyes for textiles, paper, paint and plastics, for example.
  • Determine colour fastness in accordance with ISO standards.
  • Provide Advice & Support in research on new bio-based dyes.
  • Provide facility sharing.

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