Today we use petroleum as a raw material for an infinite number of products. Because we want to produce from a sustainable and renewable source with a view to the future, we look for the best “green” alternative raw materials. This will help you get started within the major Biobased Technology and Chemistry. This major is closely related to the Avans Chemistry and Chemical Technology programs.

Within the major Biobased Technology and Chemistry, biomass, such as plants, seaweed, algae and manure, is studied to make products. You then develop new biobased processes and technologies for this.

Biobased Technology and Chemistry is all about sustainability: sustainable energy and a sustainable society with products made from natural materials. Think of bioplastics and biofuels, lactic acid produced by bacteria, or fragrances, colors and flavors extracted from plants. You will learn everything about current topics such as biorefinery, bioplastics, sustainable chemistry and sustainable processes.

You lay a solid technical foundation and you learn to work safely in the laboratory. Together with fellow students you work on issues with current biobased themes, such as purifying water with the help of algae. You develop new ideas and products and that often requires the development of a new production process. This way you prepare optimally for the practice. You really contribute to a sustainable world.

Biobased Chemist or Biobased Technologist?

In the first and second year of the Major Biobased Technology and Chemistry, chemists and chemical technologists are trained jointly. In the third and fourth year you choose a specialization and you will be further trained as a Biobased Chemist or Biobased Technologist. The major has interfaces with chemistry, chemical technology and biotechnology.

“By means of activating education, we train students who, from a chemical, bio- and process-technological specialization, innovate in a solution-oriented way in order to realize the transition to a biobased society”, according to the BTC teaching team.

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