Renewable fuels are necessary to achieve the Dutch climate targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions. A growth in the volume of renewable fuels can also act as an accelerator for the use of renewable fuels in the chemical sector.

Project manager
November 2020 to July 2021

Renewable fuels are an emerging market. However, there is still a lot of unfamiliarity with the subject among the industry itself, among policy officers and in education. The (open) Learning Community renewable fuels wants to help reduce this unfamiliarity. To achieve this, the Learning Community renewable fuels creates a number of online interactive learning modules in which the different aspects of renewable fuels are discussed such as available biomass, renewable fuels production technologies and logistics.

In addition, knowledge exchange sessions are organized by the Learning Community renewable fuels. During these sessions, knowledge and innovation questions from companies are also identified. For these questions it is examined whether they can be addressed in education and / or research projects.

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