The municipality of Oosterhout and Avans University are going to help companies in the municipality to take steps towards circularity. This is the approach for sustainable economic management that adds value and takes into account scarcity of raw materials, pollution and environmental damage. The municipality of Oosterhout and Avans are starting a project collaboration that will kick off from September 2020 with a circular innovation and research program.

Project manager
September 2020 to February 2021

The project aims to set up a collective with at least 10 companies. This collective identifies problematic waste materials, discovers opportunities and bottlenecks for exchange of residual materials, defines joint ambitions, looks for regional customers, identifies the costs and benefits and, together with small and large companies, gains experience in public-private partnerships in this field. The municipality of Oosterhout, representatives of companies and Avans University participate in the collective for this project.

This project is aimed at retrieving the ambitions of the potential participants, identifying the wishes and possibilities of companies, municipality and other actors and making initial choices together. Avans University of Applied Sciences is looking for a suitable connection between educational projects in relevant study programs. The Oosterhout approach uses practical experiences and socio-economic insights in the field of the circular economy, such as interaction between local actors, local ownership of entrepreneurs and public organizations. It should become an example of “co-creation for climate goals”.

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