Van Leer and CoE BBE previously investigated the options for sustainable transport of wood pellets from Arkhangelsk Russia to Benelux ports. Research has been done, among other things, into the fuel types and engines of the ice class ships of Wijnne Barends. It has been advised to test the use of biodiesel blends in the so-called H1 class of Wijnne Barends ships. These tests will be performed in this project. There are still a number of important issues to be resolved before testing can begin. These are mainly related to logistics since fuel bunkering has to take place in the Dutch seaports, but also to legal aspects and insurance.

Project manager
January 2021 to May 2023

General goals

The general goals within this project are:

  1. Execute the necessary preparatory actions towards a trial and set up a 1 year test program with a H1 class Wijnne Barends ship.
  2. Execute a one year test program where heavy residual fuel oil with 25-30 wt% biodiesel blends are used in a Wijnne Barends ship.

Gekwantificeerde doelen/resultaten:

Quantified goals/deliverables:
A test program will be set up and a desk top research report which covers the main test results will be written. A publicly available summary will become available (probably in MS Powerpoint format).

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