Dr. ir. Miaomiao Zhou obtained her PhD from the Radboud University of Nijmegen in Bioinformatics. Miaomiao is experienced in data-driven biotechnology towards industrial microbiology applications. During her time at the Westerdijk Institute-KNAW Utrecht she worked as a senior researcher in fungal biology, data driven strain improvement design and complex biological network analysis. In 2015 Miaomiao joined the School of Life Science and Technologies at Avans University of Applied sciences as a teacher-researcher. She plays the leading role in implementing the Oxford Nanopore MinION© molecular monitoring system with industrial fermentation settings. Currently Miaomiao coordinates the bioinformatics laboratory of Avans School of Life Science and Technologies. She is the research leader (associate professor) of smart fermentation in fungi biobased material transition at the MNEXT.

Associate professor Smart Fermentation

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