Topic: Bridging the Gap: The Potential & Challenges of PHA!
Speaker: Guilherme de Souza Reis, Researcher Biobased Resources and Energy – MNEXT
Moderator: Martijn Zieverink, Professor Biobased Transitions – MNEXT


The urgent need for a material transition in an attempt to mitigate the environmental impact of fossil-based materials drives the rise of biobased alternatives. Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are plastics biosynthesized by microorganisms through the conversion of renewable feedstocks, such as sugars, oils and biogas. Being inherently biodegradable, PHAs offer a critical alternative to the persistent plastic pollution in the most diverse ecosystems.

Then why are PHAs still not in our day to day lives? What challenges still hamper the large-scale PHA production and commercialization?

Learn more about the unique properties, production process, current applications and market of PHA bioplastics and discuss the important bottlenecks that still hinder a large-scale adoption of PHA to substitute conventional plastics.

In this talk Guilherme de Souza Reis provided insights into PHA and discussed the key challenges hindering widespread PHA adoption as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastics.


Presentation Guilherme de Souza Reis

Link to recording of the session:

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