Since 1st February, Jappe de Best leads the research group Biobased Resources & Energy, taking over from Johan Raap. With the departure of Johan Raap, the name of the research group has also been changed from Biobased Energy to Biobased Resources & Energy. Jappe de Best explains why and would like to introduce himself to you.

“My name is Jappe de Best and I started as a professor in Biobased Resources & Energy for three days a week. For the remaining 2 days I remain involved as a teacher in the Environmental Sciences stidy programme at Avans in which, amongst other things, I coordinate the semester programme Biobased Technology & Business Development.

I am originally an environmental biologist with a specialization in microbiology. Over the past 8 years, as a researcher and project leader in the research group, I have increasingly focused on the valuation of aqueous residual flows and residual flows from agriculture.

Jappe de Best

Not only towards energy through, for example, pyrolysis (bio-oil) or fermentation (biogas), but also towards building blocks for, for example, agriculture (nutrients), stock breeding (proteins for animal feed), biopolymers (PHA) or biobased building materials (fibers). For some nice examples I would like to refer you to our projects. This more circular approach is also the reason why we have changed the name of the research group to Biobased Resources & Energy.

In the coming years, I want to further strengthen the knowledge of the research group concerning the valorisation of residual flows. It is of great importance that we not only pay attention to technology, but also ensure that there is a business case for new developments and that there is social support for this. As a research group I therefore want to seek (even more) cooperation with other research groups within and outside the technical domain, with students and especially with the business community. As Avans, we stand for practice-oriented research.

I would like to end with a call. Do you have ideas or questions about the value of residual flows, and would like to take a step towards a more biobased and circular economy with us? Please contact us. I am looking forward to it!”

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