Vacature Preparation and characterization of biocarbon/biopolymer compositesBiocarbon, also commonly known as Biochar, is a high-carbon, fine-grained solid that is produced through pyrolysis processes and currently mainly used for energy. Recently biocarbon has also gained attention for its potential value in industrial applications such as composites. Addition of biocarbon in the polymer is likely to increase the mechanical properties and decrease hydrophilic nature of a polymer. Using biocarbon in polymer composites is also interesting because of its relatively low specific weight that will result to lighter composite materials.

In this project the SME Charcotec and Bodewes Material Solutions will collaborate with Avans/MNEXT in a study on utilization of biocarbon as a flame retardant additive for Poly (lactic acid).


The Project involves:

  1. Preparation of biocarbon/biopolymer composites.
  2. Investigate the effect of additives on the flame retardant and thermal properties of the composites (TGA, DSC)
  3. Investigate the effect of additives on the mechanical properties of the composites (tensile, flexural, impact tests);

Starting date

February 2024. The length of the assignment is 5 months. The student who will execute the assignment gets a fee of €350,- per month.

The intern will be part of a research team lead by the adviser and supervised by Qian Zhou and Eric Mattheussens. The working language can be Dutch and English.

Desirable  skills/qualities of the student

The student should be able to carry out independent laboratory research. The interest in biocomposite is a pre.


Contact person concerning this assignment : Qian Zhou
Phone                                                            : +316 10224446
E-mail                                                            :


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