In order to decrease the environmental impact caused by the construction sector, biobased materials need to be further developed to allow better integration and acceptance in the market. On November 8th the Dutch Government announced it destined 200 million euros for the acceleration and acceptance of biobased construction. Mycelium composites are innovative products with intrinsic properties which rise the attention of architects, designers and industrial companies. Mycelium is the extensive network of threads (hyphae) that form the vegetative part of a fungus which acts as a natural glue to bind biomass. Mycelium grows through the biomass, which functions as a growth substrate and a biocomposite matrix. Different organic residual streams from agricultural waste (straw, hemp shives etc.) can be used as substrate. Mycelium biocomposite has the potential to substitute conventional insulation materials. Within this project, we want to explore the production of a new circular sandwich panel, using mycelium biocomposite as its core.

 Assignment description

As an intern at MNEXT, you will have the opportunity to contribute to an exciting research project; circular sandwich panels. This project concerns the development of a biobased circular sandwich panel consisting of a mycelium composite core from Fairm and wood-based panel faces from Beyondwood. Within this project you will help optimise the environmental and insulating properties of mycelium composites by investigating various fibrous feedstocks (crops and waste streams) and their density. Your main activities within the project include:

 Environmental analysis on different fibre types available within the region.

  • Growth of mycelium bio-composites.
  • Testing of the thermal conductivity of mycelium biocomposites in relation to the density and fibre type.

Starting Date

 February – July 2024. The length of this graduation internship assignment is approximately 20 weeks. The student who will execute the assignment gets a fee of €350,- per month.

Desirable skills/qualities of the student

The student should be able to work both independently and in collaboration with other students, researchers and external partners and carry out independent laboratory research. Background in environmental science, built environment and /or civil engineering is preferred. HBO or university students are preferred.


Contact person concerning this assignment: Fran Ortega Exposito or Annine Rozema
Phone: +31 643716722 / +31 654627485
E-mail : /
Visiting address: Avans Breda  / AKV St. Joost Den Bosch — Kunst Academy
Street / number, areal code and place: Lovendijkstraat 61-63, Breda / Parallelweg 21-23, s’Hertogenbosch
Postal address: 4818AJ / 5223 AL.


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