Starting in September 2024, Avans University of Applied Sciences is introducing the Master’s program in Materials & Energy Transition. This unique program fills a critical gap, as there is currently no equivalent offering, despite a high demand for professionals in this field. MNEXT, with its expertise in materials and energy transition, is responsible for the content of this master’s program, while the Avans Academy for Life Sciences and Technology has all the necessary resources to handle the implementation.

The focus of the Master of Materials & Energy Transition is on engineering solutions for the energy transition and the circular economy. The implementation of these technologies and the creation of impact as a professional are emphasized.

Technical solutions

Exploration of issues related to the unsustainable use of materials and energy is a key aspect of this master’s program. Engineering solutions, including bioplastics, heat pumps, photovoltaics, data-driven technologies, and more, are introduced. The program covers not only the scientific foundations of these solutions but also their engineering state-of-the-art, providing a solid foundation for future careers.

The primary focus is on learning how to implement such solutions in real-world scenarios. It extends beyond engineering, encompassing financial considerations, policy measures, and acceptance by individuals, groups, and society. The ability to identify numerous stakeholders in transition processes and engage them to make a tangible impact for a sustainable future is a key outcome.

Current practical issues

This master’s program offers not only in-depth theoretical knowledge but also practical insights. It comprises 5 projects where students work on real-world issues, always within multidisciplinary teams. Collaboration with individuals from diverse backgrounds is a central aspect. The language of instruction for this master’s program is English.The completion of the program will result in the conferral of a Master of Science (MSc) degree upon graduation.

Interested in enrolling in this master’s program? Learn more about potential professions, the study curriculum, admission requirements, and practical information, or sign up for an orientation webinar on the Avans website through the link below:


“NOTE: The NVAO has provisionally decided to accredit this program, subject to further approval. Official registration is expected to be possible from April 2024. Register your interest now and we will notify you when you can officially enroll in this master’s program via Studielink.”

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