05 July 2023
Educate more professionals for the energy transition
A new border region project that will recruit, train, retrain and upskill young people and adults for professions to enable energy transition has started. For the next three years, Avans University of Applied Sciences will be the secretary of the Energy(k) Education project, which is being implemented from the Interreg programme Flanders Netherlands with a grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In the project, 18 educational institutions, governments, a regional career fund, a regional intermediary and a business organisation from the south of the Netherlands and Flanders are working together. The project came about last year through intensive cooperation between the project partners and Promint project management and has a size of €4,200,000.
03 July 2023
30% energy gain for water board Brabantse Delta
In a unique partnership between the Smart Energy research group, Avans students and water board Brabantse Delta, innovative research is being carried out. The aim is to save energy, better balance the electricity and sewerage networks, optimise processes and gather knowledge. The students, coming from different disciplines, actively cooperate with enthusiastic supervisors from the water board and under the guidance of Jobert Ludlage. He is a lecturer-researcher within the Smart Energy research group and watches how the students devise and implement new solutions. This collaboration offers valuable benefits and insights to the students, the research group and the water board.
03 July 2023
Valuable Smart Energy Lab Training certificate for RWE employees
A new group of RWE employees successfully completed the Smart Energy lab training at Avans Hogeschool . They now have even more knowledge of the behaviour of our electricity system during the energy transition. Indeed, Lucas-Nülle Training Systems provides a clear picture of the contribution of solar and wind to our electricity supply and the effect of further electrification. Now that's some knowledge you can use if you want to accelerate the energytransition right now!
15 June 2023
CoE BBE becomes MNEXT
... And suddenly, we're 10 years ahead! 10 exhilarating years at the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE), filled with highlights and valuable developments. Today, we raise a glass during our Future Rethinkers Congress. Not only to celebrate the past 10 years but also the promising period ahead of us! We are expanding our focus from solely biobased to multiple themes within the materials and energy transition. And that calls for a new name... MNEXT!
14 April 2023
Solar TukTuk eyecatcher for energy transition research and education
Students from different educational levels (VMBO, MBO, HBO) and researchers from the Smart Energy lectorate at Avans University of Applied Sciences are building a SolarTuk together. The students are so enthusiastic about the project that at the end of the day they often don't even want to go home. How great is that!
06 April 2023
Dutch and Finnish students in the Biobased Battle 2023!
"I have developed skills related to working with people in different fields or cultures." according to  student I. Conroy, who, together with more than 100 students from 11 universities of applied sciences in Finland and the Netherlands, participated in the Biobased Battle 2023 from March 27th until March 30th. In total agreement according to Mara van Eijndhoven, organization of the Battle; Developing new skills among students from various fields and cultures and learning from each other's expertise and working methods are important motivators for organizing the challenge-based research and teaching activity.
30 March 2023
Politics is important, including energy transition!
On the evening before the Provincial Council elections, Brabant gives Energy took the initiative to start a discussion on what position Brabant should take in the coming years in the energy transition.
24 March 2023
CurCol project finished
The CurCol project conducted research to the potential of Curcumin as a natural dye. Curcumin is already used in food and pharmaceutical products and is a sustainable alternative to dyes from non-renewable sources. The project has successfully brought innovative steps for both the agricultural and industrial sectors and contributes towards the proposed sustainability goals.
07 March 2023
Crucial step in biochemical recycling of plastics
Plastic waste… one of the biggest environmental problems of the 21st century. By 2050, it is estimated that up to 12,000 Mt of plastic waste will be in landfills or in nature wordlwide.
31 January 2023
Whitepaper: Building on Mycelium
In the “Building On Mycelium” project, the Biobased Building professorship of CoE BBE, together with partners, investigated how mycelium biocomposites can be used for the construction sector.
07 July 2022
“Government procurement crucial for a breakthrough in biobased products”
Public procurement can be an important instrument in driving social transitions. And that also applies to the circular biobased transition, in which the creation of new markets is crucial for the commercial breakthrough of biobased products.
06 July 2022
Students take the stage
Practice-oriented research plays a role in the material and energy transition that should not be underestimated. This not only relates to the knowledge that is gained in research projects, but especially also to the place where that knowledge ends up; at the students. Every year, no fewer than 80 students participate in the most intensive form of CoE BBE, namely an internship. For 20 weeks, the students fully participate in a research project as a graduate or in an internship. Each and every one of them ambassadors in the aforementioned transition.

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