My name is Nick Romijn and I did an internship within the CoE BBE from August 2020 to January 2021. Within the BioADD project I researched the effects of biocarbon addition to biopolymers. The aim of my research was to produce biocomposites and to analyze which variations in these composites resulted in the most ideal composite properties. The most ideal composites were determined by means of an effect’s analysis.

The transition that is being made to a biobased economy appeals to me. The research that I have carried out responds well to this. This is also the reason why I found this internship so interesting.

I myself am also very involved with biobased materials. Last summer I started the start-up company F.U.N. together with my girlfriend Susan Neeteson. printing. We 3D print on the basis of PLA namely personal items, such as 3D photos and silhouettes. In addition, we also print accessories, decoration, time-bound items and promotional material. It is also possible to submit your own idea! Be sure to check out the website in the category your idea in 3D.

At the start of my internship, I was also working on 3D printing in the biobased lab in addition to my research. It started with mainly test designs, such as a pyramid and periodic table. The 3D prints were quickly noticed by fellow intern Mike van der Markt. Not much later, Mike came up with the idea of ​​having an octopus printed. The result was so special and fun that more soon followed. Ultimately, the octopus got its own name, namely Dr. Octaanopus. Many positive reactions led to the decision to create an Instagram account for this octopus. Since then, octo has been on all kinds of adventures at the biobased lab and beyond. The purpose behind the octopus is to convey fun chemistry and octopus facts to all kinds of students.

– March 2021

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