My name is Nicole Hoekx and I have been graduating at the CoE BBE in Business Innovation since February. During my graduation internship I participate in the Christmas balls project. The goal is to make the Christmas party more sustainable in a biobased and circular way. This is done by developing a biobased circular Christmas bauble.

I mainly focus on product development and marketing the product. I am researching how I can ensure that the biobased Christmas bauble will soon be an accessible product for the consumer. The challenge here is to make it understandable what the biobased economy entails, so that the consumer can see the added value of the product.

This is also what I find so interesting about the biobased economy. A lot is already possible, but how do you ensure that this is also applied in practice?

There are always new challenges, which is something where I see opportunities as a future Business Innovator.

In addition to this great project, I also started a start-up in biobased lip balm 2 years ago together with Jasper Sluis (Project Manager Biobased Construction). The underlying purpose of this is to draw attention to the biobased economy by means of the lip balm. Within the startup I did an internship for six months. We also had the opportunity to be a client for the minor Biobased Technology & Business development.

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