A step towards next generation material transition

Topic: Smart Fermentation
Speaker: Dr. Miaomiao Zhou, associate professor Smart Fermentation – MNEXT
Moderator: Han van Kasteren, Professor Biobased Building Blocks & Products – MNEXT

Fermentation technology is one of the most promising solutions to the problem of resource inequality and pollution. Far evolved from making sauerkraut, modern fermentation is able to produce a large variety of materials using microbial cell factories. Precision fermentation, driven by biotechnology, is advancing toward large-scale chemical and biobased material production. This approach has the potential to generate animal-free alternatives. With a predicted $2.2 billion global market size by 2026, precision fermentation-derived material transition aims to thrive, side by side of the booming alternative protein/food sector.

In this lunch and learn online session, Dr. Miaomiao Zhou shared her knowledge of precision fermentation. She gave a description of the current status of the technology concerning alternative material production and beyond. She also characterized the current technological, political and economic bottlenecks hampering the development of precision fermentation.


2023 11 Smart fermentation – Miaomiao Zhou

Link to recording of the session:

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