The partners within the WOW! team excecuted a market potential study. The objective is to identify viable value chains for 5 carbon based products (CBE) from sewage water: PHA-bioplastic, biodiesel, bio-oil, biochar, and acetic acid. In Figure 1-1 a simplified scheme of the recovery of the 5 CBEs is shown. The full report is finished and can be downloaded! 

1 april 2021

We also created a summarizing factsheet for each product which you can find here:

Factsheet: PHA Bioplastics
Factsheet: Activated Biochar
Factsheet: Bio-oil
Factsheet: Biodiesel
Factsheet: Acetic Acid 

More information about the carbon based products:

  • For the production of biodiesel the sewage water inflow is used to cultivate Microthrix p. and enrich lipids. In a next step the lipids are extracted, processed and transformed to biodiesel.
  • For the production of bio-oil, biochar and acetic acid the screenings of the fine sieves are used. In this first step cellulose is recovered, dewatered and then dried. In a thermal degradation process the cellulose is heated to a temperature of 400 – 600 oC in an oxygen free environment (pyrolysis). During the pyrolysis process volatile material is separated from the solid biomass and converted into biochar. With a condenser bio-oil and acetic acid with a concentration of 7% can be separated. Biochar is activated to activated carbon at a different site.
  • For the production of PHA primary sludge is used. In a biological process PHA is enriched and extracted. Then the PHA is compounded and processed to an end product. More details about the processes and an initial estimation of the quantities of the five CBEs which could be produced in future at SWTPs in NWE are summarized in (WOW! State of the art Report, 2019). In the following market potential study, production quantities, collectable quantity at the sewage water treatment plant, market price and market potential for the 5 CBEs are described.

What is the market potential of these products? Read the Market Potential Study now!

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