“Save Our Planet” is an educational board game for third grade secondary education developed by VIVES University of Applied Sciences (Ghent, Belgium). This learning module has been developed in collaboration with CoE BBE in preparation for this game. This learning environment is freely available to everyone and can easily be completed from home, possibly in the form of a self-study assignment.

The learning environment of ‘Save Our Planet’ is a so-called MOOC with four modules: The motivation behind a bio-economy, The basic principles behind a successful bio-economy, Circular economy and sustainable product development and The role of agriculture and food packaging in a bio-economy. The modules consist of short educational videos (English with Dutch subtitles) and / or self-study texts, supplemented with graphic material (total duration 2 hours). After each learning module there is a short quiz (3 multiple choice questions).

The modules are available in both English and Dutch. The learning environment is aimed at students over the age of 16 but recommended for anyone interested in bioeconomy.

> Follow the online modules van Save the Planet 

> More info about the board game

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