In grassland management, the cuttings are often not used or used to a limited extent. The same applies to roadside grass. A pity, because thousands of tons of cuttings are released there every year. Not only is it logistically difficult to remove the clippings from the areas, dumping clippings is also an expensive affair.

In the GrasGoed project and the Grassification project, solutions were sought by improving mowing, transport and processing machines, developing new products and creating a sales market. The results have been incorporated into this free MOOC. Would you like to learn more about how we got from grass to product? Then start right away!


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This MOOC consists of the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • Inventory of residual biomass flows
  • Mowers for harvesting natural cuttings
  • Preservation and preparation of natural cuttings
  • Processing and applications of grass
  • Opportunities within the grass value chain

The modules consist of video instructions, interesting literature, quizzes and discussions with participants. In total, this course takes about 7 hours.



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