… And suddenly, we’re 10 years ahead! 10 exhilarating years at the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE), filled with highlights and valuable developments. Today, we raise a glass during our Future Rethinkers Congress. Not only to celebrate the past 10 years but also the promising period ahead of us! We are expanding our focus from solely biobased to multiple themes within the materials and energy transition. And that calls for a new name… MNEXT!

Publication date
15 June 2023

The materials and energy transition are two major challenges that our society will face in the coming years. Both transitions aim for a sustainable future and are strongly interconnected technically. MNEXT seizes the opportunity to accelerate these transitions, together!


Of course, we will approach our work with the same ambition, purposefulness, and curiosity that you are already familiar with. By conducting practice-oriented research with students, teachers, and researchers, we can bridge the gap between innovation and society with the SMEs. What we do is closely related to the future and future generations. Our students are a part of that as well. They must be the ones to take the real big steps when it comes to the materials and energy transition. Scientific knowledge and applied knowledge will help them in doing so. That’s why we will continue to collaborate on educational innovation.

We call ourselves Future Rethinkers because we urgently need to come up with new solutions to improve the prospects for the future. Because we need to explore different paths. We take all our project partners along with us, including the real Future Rethinkers, our students. They will make a real difference with a different way of thinking. Rethink the Future, over and over again in this changing world.


Does everything change immediately with MNEXT’s broadening focus? No, for the past 10 years, the focus has been on the biobased side of the materials transition, and we will definitely continue with that. The current portfolio of 5 biobased professorships and 1 Smart Energy professorship will soon be expanded with at least 2 professorships that conduct research on the energy transition. This means that we will also take on more projects in the field of energy transition, and you will see that reflected in our communications. We also seek synergy between both transitions. Biobased solar panels? Who knows…

We look forward to this new era as MNEXT. Together with our partners, together with you!

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