Biobased Transitions… an Uphill Battle?! That was the theme of Martijn Zieverink’s inaugural lecture on April 5th in Breda. In his inaugural speech, he explained the contribution his professorship ‘Biobased Transitions’ will make in combating the root causes of climate change. During the ceremony, Martijn received his chain of office from Jacomine Ravensbergen, member and acting chair of the Executive Board of Avans University of Applied Sciences.


Publication date
15 April 2024
Research area

What makes this chain of office special?

New professors at Avans University of Applied Sciences receive a “chain of office” during their official inauguration. Martijn’s chain of office, designed by our colleague Marlies Schets, symbolizes the Biobased Transitions professorship by combining non-traditional materials such as wood, biobased plastics, and fossil-based plastics. Each material represents a different stage of the transition. The chain is dynamic: individual links can be exchanged, symbolizing change and progress.

Professorial booklet

Interested in learning more about Martijn’s vision and his Biobased Transitions professorship? Check out the professorial booklet via this link.

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