The Energy and Raw Materials Factory has several research projects to recover valuable resources from wastewater. One of the research projects is the extraction of polyhydroxyalkonoate (PHA) from sludge from STPs. 

Project manager
November 2020 to July 2021

Until now, only for a small part of the STPs in the Netherlands it is known whether they are suitable for the production of PHA. This depends, among other things, on the process configuration of a STP, the size and composition of the influent of the STP.

The Energy and Raw Materials Factory has asked Avans and Promiko to investigate the PHA accumulation potential of STPs of interested water boards. This is done by means of microscopy (Promiko) and PHA accumulation tests in bioreactors (Avans).

The results of the tests can contribute to the upscaling of PHA production from sewage water in the Netherlands.

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