Relement is a start-up company on a mission to turn chemistry green. We focus on aromatic compounds made from non-edible biomass, suitable for coatings, adhesives, composites and more. Our specialty bio-aromatic products provide an unmatched combination of sustainability and performance. All elements matter.

MNEXT, together with SMEs, serves as the bridge between innovation and society. By conducting practice -oriented research with students, teachers, researchers, and stakeholders. By working together on educational innovation. This is how we make our movement in the materials and energy transition. For a sustainable future. The research group carries out research on building blocks made from biobased polymers (biobased plastics). By collecting knowledge about, for example, the insulating properties, modification and source of building blocks, we can develop materials with specific chemical and physical properties, such as easy degradability and recyclability. This is useful in closing plastic material cycles and making them circular.

Assignment description

The aim of the project “The engineering of Epoxy Resin’’ is to gain insight in the differences in epoxy composites when comparing fossil and bio-based curing agents. Two different routes will be followed within this project: the synthetic fibre route and the natural fibre route. This project will include investigation of thermal properties (DSC/TGA) and mechanical property testing (tensile/ flexural and hardness).

Desirable skills/qualities of the student

We are looking for a highly motivated 3rd/4th year chemistry/chemical engineering student that is eager to learn more about the engineering possibilities of epoxy resin and its composites.

Working language: The working language will be English and Dutch.

Starting date & compensation

The proposed starting date is 1st September 2024 until 31st January 2025.

The student will get an internship fee of €350,- per month.


Internship supervisor: Sandra Corderí Gándara (

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