In order to decrease the environmental impact caused by the construction sector, biobased materials are further developed to allow better integration and acceptance in the market. MNEXT is involved in the research on mycelium bio-composites already for more than 7 years. They are innovative products, but the pure mycelium materials are also very promising. Currently, pure mycelium material is being used in fashion and design as a substitute for leather. But different species of fungi mycelium also have different properties that might also be interesting for the building industry. In this stage of the research, different types of fungi mycelium are grown with different methods (static liquid state and solid state) and need to be deactivated effectively, fast and energy friendly.

Assignment description

As an intern at MNEXT, you will have the opportunity to participate in the PhD research Flexible Fungi by Ilse Rovers, which focusses on growing and deactivating diverse types of mycelia, from molds to mushrooms. After harvesting the pure material, we will also test and measure material characteristics, such as structure, but also tear and break points.

Your main activities include:

• Working in the mycelium lab in Breda (Korte Huifakkerstraat): growing and deactivating fungi and turning them into materials.
• Property testing – material screening which includes flexural strength and tear. But also density and thickness.
• Literature research on relevant topics.

Working language: we have a multidisciplinary and international team. Therefore, the language is English. Some of the researchers also speak Dutch.

Starting Date & Compensation

September 2024. The length of the internship graduation assignment is approximately 20 weeks. The student will get an internship fee of €350, – per month.


Internship supervisor: Ilse Rovers (

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