MNEXT believes in sharing knowledge. It works in all directions, and we too are constantly learning! On January 18, it was time for our interns and minor students to present their acquired knowledge. This is done through scientific posters created by the students based on their own research. An afternoon to inspire various internal and external stakeholders.

Students are a crucial part of MNEXT and its mission. Our goal is to train and guide the ‘Future Rethinkers’ with our expertise. Future generations are essential in the materials and energy transition. Facilitating internship opportunities is part of this mission, and we do so across many of our professorships and projects. We also collaborate with, for example, the Avans minor Biobased Technology and Business Development.

An afternoon dedicated to knowledge sharing

At the end of each minor and internship period, MNEXT organizes an afternoon where students present their own research through research posters. For them, it’s an opportunity to take pride in their findings, and for the audience, it’s a chance to see what the Future Rethinkers have to offer!

All students participate, and the topics vary considerably. From using cow dung as a filler in biopolymers to developing a control system for the modification of industrial microorganisms and improving behavior in construction workers through the use of virtual reality; there is no shortage of variety.

And the winners are…

A jury evaluates the posters, resulting in several honorable mentions. Kaj Hoornweg takes the 1st place with his research ‘Bio-additives in PLA to broaden its use,’ conducted under the guidance of the Biobased Building Blocks & Products research group. Barbora Sabaková takes the 2nd place with her research ‘Growing a house: the potential of local Dutch soils,’ conducted for the Biobased Building Blocks & Products research group. The award for the best minor group goes to ‘Zestful life’ with their presentation ‘From oranges to bioplastic: a juicy journey,’ conducted for the minor Biobased Technology and Business Development.

Ultimately, the prizes are not the main focus. This afternoon is all about inspiration—a glimpse into what the Future Rethinkers will offer us in the future!

Research Posters

Student Titel Research group/department
Armand Mirianon & Maurizio Dias MYterials for THermal Insulation in Construction (MYTHIC) Biobased Building
Barbora Sabaková Growing a house: The potential of local Dutch soils Biobased Building Blocks & Products
Bart van den Hout Genetic colourant pathway detection in Chlorociboria aeruginascens Biobased Building Blocks & Products
Carolina Lana Fernandino Identifying and quantifying PHA in biomass Biobased Resources & Energy
Colin Bos Preparation of biocarbon filled, cardanol-based epoxy thermoharders Biobased Building Blocks & Products
Daan van Nassauw CRISTOFF; a control system for the modification of industrial micro-organisms Biobased Building Blocks & Products
Emma Klerks Heat storage Smart Energy
Jorden de Hoon Chemical recycling of epoxy resin Biobased Resources & Energy
Kaj Hoornweg Bio-additives in PLA to broaden its use Biobased Building Blocks & Products
Niels Zwang Cow dung as a filler in Biopolymers Biobased Building Blocks & Products / Biopolymeer Applicatie Centrum
Sebastiaan Colijn Improving craftsmen behaviour through virtual reality Smart Energy
Thiago Veloso Coelho Reis Mild extraction of onion oil Biobased Building Blocks & Products
Wes de Lange Developing marine biodegradable plastic for ecosystem restoration Biobased Building Blocks & Products
Yke Stockman Genomic Characterization of Laetiporus Subspecies through Long-Read Nanopore Sequencing: Detection of mycotoxin encoding genes Biobased Building Blocks & Products

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